I am interested in working with students on projects in the areas of social network analysis / network science, computational social science or data science, sociology of science, environmental sociology, and political sociology.

For the most part, I supervise graduate students from the Department of Sociology & Legal Studies and undergraduate students from the Department of Knowledge Integration, but I have also worked with students from other departments in the faculties of Environment, Science, and Applied Health Sciences.

PhD Dissertations

  • Alexander Graham (supervisor)
  • Tyler Crick (supervisor)
  • Amelia Howard (supervisor)
  • Pierson Browne (committee member and interim supervisor, supervisor Jen Whitson)
  • Adam Howe (committee member, supervisor David Tindall at UBC)
  • François Lachapelle (committee member, supervisor David Tindall at UBC)
  • Peter Duggins (committee member, supervisor Chris Eliasmith, Systems Design Engineering)
  • Moutasem Zakkar (committee member, supervisors Craig Janes and Plinio Morita, School of Public Health and Health Systems)
  • Julie Cook (committee member, supervisor Jen Lynes)
  • Rod Missaghian (committee member, supervisor Janice Aurini)
  • Yixi Yang (committee member, supervisor Mark Stoddart at Memorial University)
  • Michael Clarke (committee member – successfully defended in 2016)
  • Noorin Manji (committee member – successfully defended in 2018)

Master’s Theses

  • Alexander Graham (supervisor, successfully defended 2017)
  • Emerson LaCroix (committee member, supervisor Janice Aurini, successfully defended 2019)
  • Sarah Tang (committee member, supervisor Simron Singh)
  • Nicholas Brandon, MD (committee member, supervisor Shannon Majowicz, successfully defended 2018)
  • Junyi Wang (committee member, supervisor Derek Robinson, successfully defended in 2017)
  • Chen Chen (reader, supervisor Peter Johnson, successfully defended 2016)
  • Stuart Anderson (reader, supervisor Götz Hoeppe, successfully defended 2017)

Undergraduate Senior Honors Theses

  • Jason Kurian (completed 2019)
  • Rachel Wood (completed 2018)
  • Jessilyn Wolfe (completed 2018)
  • Jillian Anderson (completed 2017)
  • Julia Yaroshinsky (completed 2016)
  • Tiffany Lin (completed 2015)
  • Benjamin Carr (completed 2014)
  • Chelsea Mills (completed 2014)
  • Christina Minji Chung (completed 2014)

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